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The Ultimate Guide to Manscaping

Chances are that you were never taught how to manscape while growing up. You may know how to rock a killer bears and style your hair in 27 different ways, but did you ever learn how to manscape other parts of your body?

Manscaping has become much more socially acceptable in recent years, and many men are now manscaping in one form or another. Today we will give you the basics of how to manscape every part of your body. For more tips for being a better man, check out the Dr. Squatch blog.

How to Manscape Your Head

You want to put your best face forward, so it’s important to manscape your entire face, not just your beard. Here are the areas you need to focus on:

Eyebrows – If you have particularly bushy eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow guard on your trimmer to bring them down to a more acceptable length. For standard eyebrows, use some scissors to trim long hairs. For stray hairs growing outside the borders of your brow, use tweezers to pluck them.

Nose – At a certain age, our nose hair starts to creep out, and you have to keep it at bay regularly. You may think that plucking them is a good idea, but that is incredibly painful and can lead to infections. Instead, you have two options for keeping nose hair groomed. The first is to use grooming scissors. Alternatively, you can use a nose hair trimmer to cut those hairs back safely.

Ears – Another “advantage” of age is increasing ear hair. For hair that’s growing from the inner ear, you can carefully trim them with grooming scissors or use an ear and nose hair trimmer. For hairs growing on the outside of your ear, use tweezers.

How to Manscape Your Midsection

The largest area of your body to manscape is the midsection. Manscaping your midsection will start with your chest. For those who want to keep at least some of their chest hair, invest in a quality electric trimmer, and pick the guard setting that fits your needs. When starting out, start with the highest setting and adjust as necessary until you find your preferred length.

If you prefer to go bare-chested, then it’s time to break out the manual razor and shaving cream. We recommend using a natural shaving cream as it will help nourish your skin and help to reduce razor irritation.

Next, it’s time to tackle your back. Many men opt to completely remove their back hair, especially those who are regularly showing off their chest and back. You have two options for doing do. The best results come from having a professional wax your back.

If you opt to do it yourself, then make sure you invest in an extended handle for your trimmer or razor. A trimmer with the appropriate guard is the safest option.

Finally, it’s time to tackle those armpits. Most men opt to trim their armpit hair, and once again, your hand body trimmer will help you keep these areas neatly trimmed. Start at a #2 on your trimmer to keep your armpit hairs at an appropriate length. Trimming your armpit hairs can help to control body odor and makes using deodorant less messy.

How to Manscape Your Legs

Leg manscaping has become much more socially acceptable than in the past. Today, about half of men do some form of manscaping. Some do a simple trim to manage their hair while others go all out and shave their legs.

If you’re not ready to go completely bare, then you can try trimming your leg hair. This will keep your legs looking manly, yet neat. Body trimmers are going to be your best bet here. How your trim your legs depends greatly on how you trim other regions.

If you’re someone who likes to keep clean-shaven manly parts, consider a transitional trim for your legs. By this, we mean trim your lower legs at a #2 guard on your trimmer and then #1 for your upper legs. This will give more of a transition rather than you looking like your wearing hair chaps when naked.

How you trim your hair will be based on personal preference. Some like their hair a little longer, so a #2 should do while others like it as short as they can without shaving. If you prefer to go completely bare, then you can shave your legs just as you would your chest or back.

We know what you’re thinking. Why would a man shave his legs? While it may not sound like the manliest of activities, shaving your legs may be a good choice if you’re looking to show off muscle definition. That’s why professional bodybuilders shave their legs. Also, if you’re struggling with excessive sweat and body odor, shaving your legs may help to keep your legs cooler in summer months.

How to Manscape Your Manly Parts

You’d be surprised at how many men ignore manscaping their most sensitive area. Some avoid it because of fear of injury while others don’t see the point since few will ever see that area. It’s still a good idea to keep that area neatly trimmed, provided you’re doing it carefully.

Man Bush and Upper Legs– To keep this area looking neat, regular trimmings are necessary. Put the razor down and grab the body trimmer. Before trimming, make sure to pull the skin tightly to avoid nicks and cuts.

Genital Region – This is the region that’s the most sensitive. You will naturally be extra careful. Use a wet razor down here to give yourself a bit more control but be sure to lather well with shaving cream before starting.

Underneath and Backside – We don’t recommend doing this on your own. Instead, seek out a professional to provide a wax treatment or remove it safely. If that is not an option, your best option is to use a body groomer on the lowest guard setting to help avoid cuts. Never use a razor for this area. We still recommend that someone else groom this area for you, even if it means having your spouse or significant other do so.

Manscape Your Way to Being a Better Man

Most men already know the benefits of showering with natural soap, eating a balanced diet, and exercising, but few consider the benefits of manscaping. When you manscape, you earn both physical and mental benefits.

By manscaping, you keep unruly body hair in check, and this can lead to less skin irritation, less odor, and fewer problems such as ingrown hairs. You’ll also have an added sense of confidence after manscaping as you know you’re putting your best self forward.

Once you start a manscaping routine, you’ll only spend a couple of extra minutes each day checking and making any necessary touch-ups. Before long, it will become an unconscious part of your routine. If you’re not already manscaping, look for ways to incorporate manscaping into your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of your newly manscaped body.

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