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Dr. Squatch Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Man

Here’s your one-stop man shop, for all your giving needs this Squatchmas.

The Ultimate Squatchmas Gift Guide

With winter comes Squatchmas—the most manliest of all holidays, where beards abound, gifts are as plentiful as bottles of fine scotch, and everyone feels like a champion. But as we know, it’s notoriously hard to buy gifts for men. To make it easier on you, we’ve made a curated list of the best gifts for all the different types of men out there—a one-stop man shop, for all your giving needs.

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Gifts For: The Outdoorsman

You can spot an outdoorsman by his hiking boots, the pine needles stuck in his flannel, and the record time it takes him to pitch a tent. Need some fresh, natural gift ideas to support the woodsman in your life? We’ve packed this list just for you.

Pine Tar Bar Soap

You can take a man out of the woods, but you can’t take the woods out of a man. But you can bring a bit of the woods to the man—in the form of our Pine Tar bar, our all-star bar soap with pine extract, exfoliating oatmeal and soothing shea butter.

Pine Scented Beard Oil

Just because he likes to spend time in the untamed wild doesn’t mean his beard should be wild and untamed. This year, give the best gift a hairy face can receive—a classy, woodsy beard oil, for a classy, woodsy beard!

Forest Starter Bundle

A real outdoorsman loves to get dirty, but he doesn’t have to stay that way. Our Forest clean bundle is a selection of 3 intoxicating briccs plus a soap saver—a gift that will see him through many adventures.

Gifts For: The Professional

This modern man understands that style, like fine whiskey, needs to be taken very seriously. He owns multiple suits, loves a post-work happy hour, and knows his way around a pair of loafers. And he looks something like this on a daily basis: 

Stumped for how to support the best-groomed guy in your life? We’re here to help.

Cool Fresh Aloe

Style is more than what’s just on the exterior—it’s a mindset. And just like style, this aloe-packed soap not only leaves that fresh, exterior scent; it cleans deep, and helps soothe the skin.

Natural Morning + Night Toothpaste

These guys are organized and have their routines down to the second. Our our toothpaste kit with natural morning and night toothpaste is perfect for the guy who loves his routine and wants to feel confident and stylish day and night. Which is why we created  a naturally-formulated duo for clean pearly whites, morning and night.

A Classy Shave Set

Sometimes the best look is the classic look. Our shave kit, complete with a shave bar, brush and mug, is everything the stylish man needs for that smooth, classy, barbershop shave.

Gifts For: Mr. Fix-It

There isn’t a problem he can’t solve with a hammer, a good pair of work boots, and throwing away the instruction manual. This Squatchmas, it’s time to fix him up with some gifts—because even the best DIYer needs a little help from time to time.

Cedar Citrus Bar Soap

The smell of hardwood and citrus are a quintessential part of every good woodworking project. For the man whose happy place is his home wood shop, we created a cedar bar soap that feels and smells like home—a refreshing and energizing blend of rustic cedar and zesty orange oils.

The Squatch Groomed Bundle

A good project is never done until everything is cleaned and put away—and the same goes for the man behind the project. Level up his shower game with this bundle of 3 natural bar soaps, a Soap Saver, and a Hair Care Kit.

Gifts for: The Amateur Bartender

When it comes to whiskey, this guy knows the difference between “rocks” and “stones.” He makes a hell of a manhattan, is well stocked in eclectic craft beers, and has a home bar that can convince anyone that staying-in is a better option than going-out.

This winter, we’ve curated a list of items to help him up his game.

IPA Soap

The nose of a beer is as integral to the flavor experience as the taste. We’ve brought that scented experience to your home, with this bar soap that’s a perfect brew of refreshing grapefruit and crisp, hoppy beer.

Boozy Beast Bundle

Need we say more? Get him this bundle of intoxicating scents: Grapefruit IPA bar soap, Bourbon cologne and a Bay Rum scented bar soap and candle. 


Sandalwood Bourbon Scented Beard Oil

Beard oil is essential to hair health and skin smoothness. Spruce up that chin-mane with a tastefully smooth sandalwood beard oil to quench any beard’s thirst.

Gifts For: The Sports Guy

Active isn’t just a descriptor—it’s a lifestyle. As every true Sportsman knows, there’s no better time for an adventure than right now. These gifts are for the guy who lives in Dri-Fit, pumps out pushups and is always looking to optimize his day.

Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt Bar Soap

Blend the natural healing properties of eucalyptus with the smoothness of yogurt for a stimulating, hydrating, and exfoliating well-rounded scrub.

Natural Men's Shampoo & Conditioner

If he works out all the time, he definitely showers a lot (we hope?). So he needs to give some extra care to that head of hair to rinse out the sweat, without drying it out. Our hair kitt—a combination of our shampoo and conditioner—is the perfect hair companion, helping hair stay healthy and the keeping the scalp hydrated.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

This guy can’t get sick and risk missing leg day – get him this hand sanitizer 2-pack that’s tough on germs but gentle on his skin.

So, what are you waiting for?

About the Author: Jonathan Littauer

Jonathan is a freelance writer and rock climbing routesetter based in Boston, MA. He was the managing editor of Philly Current Magazine for two and a half years. And he just finished writing his first book!

When he’s not wielding words or making people fall off walls, he’s probably outside somewhere, hiking or climbing or surfing poorly. He’s been known, on occasion, to peace out and travel the world for months at a time.

Check out more of Jonathan’s work.

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