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Behind The Suds: Bricc of the Dead

From story to scent to ingredients, a hell of a lot goes into developing one of our signature, limited edition briccs. The Squatch geniuses on our product team dive deeeeep into each and every aspect of the bar, developing in-depth creative angles, testing a range of scent combinations, and researching a myriad of different ingredients that tie into both the bricc’s theme and bring unique, natural benefits to the end product. Ready to take an inside look at our newest Halloween creation, Bricc of the Dead? Grab your zombie-killing weapon of choice and let’s hit the road!

The Theme: Zombies Are Killin’ It

When the team started developing new ideas for the bars, Halloween was a gold mine for clever and spooky ideas. Monsters, ghosts, horror movies…they all make for great options. In addition to internal brainstorming, the team went out to our fan base and polled them to see what they’d most like to see. “We polled a group about some potential ideas for the bar’s theme, and zombies was by far the #1 choice.” says Greg Hall, our Product Development Specialist, “People really responded to the idea of a bar tie in with such a popular genre.” From there the team set out to bring this idea to…well…life (back to life?). Greg continues, “As we started fleshing out the bar’s composition and story, no pun intended, we really wanted to stay true to our creative goals of creating a transportive shower experience. For Bricc of the Dead, we want to take you to an apocalyptic, zombie-infested landscape where you’re running for your life. Then that shower is going to leave you feeling invigorated and ready to battle the zombie hordes.”

The Ingredients: Bringing You Back To Life

The unique ingredients in each and every Squatch bar play a critical role in the overall experience. In addition to being natural, they have to bring specific benefits to your skin and the lather, plus tie into the overall theme and scent of the bricc itself. Bricc of the Dead goes one step further as the team had to source ingredients that brought the right benefits and had some sort of tie in to the zombie theme. No easy task! The team chose two special ingredients for Bricc of the Dead – Purple Boneset and Ground Vanilla Vine. Purple Boneset was chosen not only for it’s spooky name, but also for it’s smoothing and skin-conditioning properties. Ground Vanilla Vine was chosen primarily because of it’s exfoliating properties as well as it’s similarities in appearance to freshly-turned earth. It’s meant to call back to the terrifying sight of zombies rising and coming out of the ground. From a look standpoint, the team chose the amazing swirled purple color design to mimic that frightening color of decomposing flesh that is commonly associated with zombies. Scary stuff!

The Scent: Like A Graveyard, But Good

We know what you’re probably thinking, “How could a bar that’s inspired by disgusting zombies smell good?” Well, we’ve got the absolute wizards on our Fragrance Team to thank for that. So, yes, obviously we weren’t gonna make it smell like rotting flesh. But how could the team create a zombie-themed scent that still made sense and smelled amazing? Our Fragrance Development Manager Emma says “To develop the scent concept of “Unhallowed Grounds” we used the starting point of a graveyard and something earthy. We also wanted a sense of mystery so we added some unexpected elements like the spice and herbal notes plus some warmer notes to bring it all together.” The Ground Vanilla Vine that serves as the bar’s exfoliating ingredient also brings some richer scent elements to the overall scent profile. “A lot of work went into trying to tie in the theme into a scent concept that made sense for Squatch Nation and ultimately we’re really excited about how it turned out. It’s different from anything we’ve done thus far and we can’t wait for people to experience it.” 

Did you ever think there could be a connection between soap and zombies? We did. That’s why we’re always trying to raise the bar on your shower and we think Bricc of the Dead is going to be terrifyingly good. So, sharpen up those blades and get ready to run, Bricc of the Dead is here!


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