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Why You NEED to Wash Your Butt Crack

Ok, so maybe this goes without saying? WE THOUGHT SO TOO. But it has come to the Doc’s attention that there are some nasty rumors going around (aka on TikTok) that y’all aren’t properly sudsin’ and scrubbin’ between them cheeks. Guys, WTF? You’re better than that!

Ok, so no judgment, we’re all works in progress, and we can do better. So, with that mind, here’s a quick refresher on why proper butt buffing is a must:

#1 - It’s Critical For Hygiene
From below the belt hygiene to skin health and general butt-related happiness, a vigorous vertical smile scrub is key. Keeping things clean and fresh is not only going to help with stank and swamp, it’s crucial in preventing nasty stuff like bacteria and fungal infections. For more down below grooming tips, check out our post on manscaping.

#2 - Stop That Stank
No matter how thorough your wiping, undercarriage cleanliness is going to have a big impact on general body stench. Sure, wipes from the dudes help, but proper sudsing and scrubbing is a must, especially post workout. I mean, you wash your hands after you go right? RIGHT?

#3 - Helps Prevent Swamp Ass
Keeping your rear exit tidy is also going to help prevent a gross, swampy butt, especially in the warmer months. Think about how the heat affects a dumpster. Uh huh, really think about it. So, without a clean carriage, you’re only compounding the potential for a gross situation. 

So, to sum it up (suds it all up?), a clean butt is a happy butt. We’re all looking for a butt right? So, why don't you swing on over and grab some natural, butt-friendly soap right here.

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