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No Junk Funk - Level Up Your Down There Care

Fellas, let's get to brass tacks about our sacks. Yes, it can get a lil' sweatier down there. Yes, it tends to get a lil' stinky down there. Yes, there's a lil' something you can do about it. And yes, fine, we're gonna stop using the word "lil" in a post about your privates.

What's with the sweat?
First off, sweating is the body’s natural way of regulating its temperature. Sweat glands produce sweat as our internal temperature rises, which then evaporate from the skin’s surface to cool down your body. We have millions of sweat glands throughout our bodies, it just so happens your downstairs has a higher concentration of them.

What's with the stank?
Well, the sweat glands around your groin are a particular type, known as apocrine glands. They’re in strategic locations around our bodies and are usually around areas that contain hair follicles. Apocrine glands produce a thicker type of sweat that contains oils and fats, which become food for bacteria. As the bacteria breaks them down, it creates waste which results in a bad smell. So, since your below the belt area has a high concentration of apocrine glands and is generally a dark, warm area, it’s naturally going to be friendly to bacteria. That means it takes a bit of extra effort to keep things dry and funk-free.

So Fresh, So Clean
Here are 3 steps to level up your downstairs freshness:

1. Rinse, Wipe, and Repeat
Obviously proper showering and regular cleansing to  remove sweat and bacteria is key. But, if you aren't able to shower, Beast Wipes will be your best friend's best friend. Post work, post gym, post travels, just a quick swipe and you’ll be good to go.

2. Prep Your Pair and Downstairs
Preventative maintenance will help your pair to stay dry and to prevent bacteria from forming. Our Ball Barrier Dry Lotion goes on like a lotion but dries like a powder and will help with excessive sweating and chafing, keepin’ your down unda in tip top form no matter what your day throws at you.

3. Trim The Hedges
Keeping the forest trimmed not only improves the view but will also prevent your package from getting too warm. This important job demands the right tools and our Groin Guardian Trimmer features an ergonomic handle and Squatch-Shield Technology for a smooth, nick-free trim in even the hairiest of situations.

Since we're on the doorstep of summer, here's a few more tips on How to Summer-ize Your Sack.

Feeling better about cleaning up your boys? You balls deserve the best, and the perfect package is just a few simple steps away with our Ball Care.

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