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Grizzled Greatness: The Best Beards In The World

In case you missed it, the World Beard and Mustache Championship is a thing and it’s every bit as f-ing glorious as you can imagine. Every year, beardsmen from far and wide gather to compete in a titanic throwdowns designed to celebrate the finest face fur this majestic globe has to offer. From stupendous ‘staches to black belt-level beards, the facial frolic is examined, judged and legends are made.

Prepare for mind-blowing bearded bodaciousness, here are our picks for the best of the best!

The Octopus of Excellence
An absolutely astounding sculpture. Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean can only dream.

The 6-Pack
Extra points for the thought process of “A mustache, but EVERYWHERE!”

The Exploding Star
Intergalactic excellence in beard form.

The Elegant Spider
Somehow creepy and yet, beautiful?

The Stiletto
The precision and elitism are absolutely breathtaking.

The Triumphant Tornado
An gorgeous and perfect twist of epic proportions.

The Water Buffalo
Nature at it’s finest.

Whirlpools of Wonder
The sheer time commitment to craft this masterpiece is worthy of respect.


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