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Shower Thoughts | What Funny April Fools Pranks Should I Pull?

As I stand in my steamy shower lathering up with my favorite natural bar soap, I think of all the funny April Fools pranks I should pull this year. Here’s some pranking inspiration for everyone in your life!

As I stand here in my steamy shower lathering up with my favorite natural bar soap, I almost drop the soap when I realize that it’s almost April 1st. April Fools Day always creeps up on me and before I know it, it’s gone! So now I wonder, how many pranks can I pull off and what pranks can I pull without jeopardizing my relationship or getting me fired?

If you don’t properly plan ahead, you may regret all the missed opportunities on this under-celebrated tradition. So read on for some pranking inspiration! 

April Fools' Day Origin: Pranking Throughout the Centuries

Some historians believe that the origins of April Fools’ Day date back to 1582 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar (the calendar that we follow today). Obviously, back then getting the word out about the calendar change took some time, so there was some confusion. Those  who recognized the new calendar celebrated the New Year on January 1st, while those who hadn’t gotten the memo waited until the Julian New Year on March 25th. Everyone who was slow to receive the news became the butt of a joke. 

I’m not really sure that I see the humor in this, but thankfully our sense of humor has evolved just as much as our personal hygiene and taste in beer.  And while this was more an example of  poor communication than a purposeful prank, it was the beginning of the April Fools’ Day tradition!

During the 18th century in Scotland, the Scotts turned April Fools’ Day into a two day long prank-pulling extravaganza.  The most traditional Scottish prank was asking someone to deliver a sealed message to a butcher, only to learn that the message was a ridiculous request for something like a glass of pigeon milk. They also came up with the brilliant and ever-familiar gag of pinning “Kick Me” signs on the backs of unsuspecting friends! Every middle school kid’s nightmare.

What Are Some Good April Fools Pranks for my Girlfriend?

Now that I’ve found myself in a blissful and committed two-year relationship with my girlfriend, I feel (fairly) confident that she won’t break up with me for playing a few harmless pranks on her. So here’s my plan (feel free to use these ideas for some inspiration for your own pranks): 


Prank 1:  I’m going to start with her shower: I’ll superglue the bottle caps closed on her shampoo and conditioner containers. Just think about how funny it’ll be when she struggles to get them open and never can. She’ll probably be super annoyed with me, but she’ll get over it…right? 

Prank 2:  Replace the top part of her stick deodorant with cream cheese! This prank works best with cream deodorants, since the consistency feels similar when it goes on. There’s a good chance that she’ll go most of the day before she realizes that her “deodorant” isn’t working.  

Prank 3:  My girlfriend loves her cookies and always needs something sweet at the end of the day. Today she’s in for a minty surprise when she bites into an Oreo filled with toothpaste! 

After carefully scraping out the cream in the center of about six cookies, put a dab of white toothpaste in each one before replacing the top cookie and then place  them back in the package!  

Pranks to Play on Coworkers

April Fools pranks are the perfect way to liven up an office and give everyone a break from the regular work day. And even though a lot of us are working from home right now or not able to work at all, you can use these as inspiration for pranking someone in your home, or save them for next year when you’re back to the 9-5 office grind.

Prank 1: My coworkers love cream filled donuts, but today I’m going to pick up a dozen unfilled donuts before I go to work. There’s nothing more disappointing than picking up a powdered sugar covered donut and thinking that it has cream in it, only to find out that there’s nothing inside. But I actually like my coworkers and don’t want to disappoint them. So rather than giving them empty donuts, I’m going to fill them with mayonnaise! 

In order to avoid being jumped in the parking garage, I think I’ll remain anonymous on this one.  

Prank 2:  Since I’m planning on arriving at the office early, I may as well go around to each desk and place a piece of tape over the laser on the bottom of every mouse. Obviously, when my co-workers go to use it, nothing will happen.  After checking all the connections, they’ll place calls to the Help Desk team, who will be just as confused. 

Prank 3: My boss is one of the most brilliant women I know and I honestly don’t think that she’ll find these office pranks very amusing. So I need to come up with something special for her.  So this April Fools’ Day, I’m going to hide a small Bluetooth speaker in her office that’s connected to my old iPod. Throughout the day I’m going to periodically play sounds of a cat yowling. 

Pretty good, eh? 

My Shower is Getting Cold

Although you can technically pull pranks on your friends, family, and co-workers throughout the year, there’s something special about pulling them on April Fools’ Day!  Even if you don’t consider yourself a prankster, this is a great time to take advantage of breaking up the daily monotony to spread a little laughter at someone else’s expense!

A Word of Caution: If by chance your Dr. Squatch bar soap stops producing it’s amazing, foamy, and Squatchtastic lather, it’s possible that someone may have sabotaged the bar by covering it in clear nail polish! So be sure to hide your soap away during your escapades. 

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