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The 5 Best Halo Weapons of All Time

From utilitarian perfection to futuristic evil genius, the sheer variety and imagination of the weaponry in Halo is awesomely mind-boggling, and as one of the most iconic and influential games of all time, there are no shortage of legendary ways to dispatch your enemies. So suit up Squatch Spartans, it’s time to choose your weapon.

Sniper Rifle - In the right hands, the sniper rifle is the most deadly weapon in the Halo arsenal and an absolute game-changer in multiplayer matches.

Energy Sword - One of Halo’s most iconic weapons, this close quarters savage first debuted in the original Halo and is as effective at turning Covenant into sushi as it is cool-looking.

Plasma Grenades - Both devastating and hilarious, these “sticky” grenades can be attached to anything, from enemies to vehicles to fellow players.

Shotgun - The short-range MVP, a properly used shotgun is absolutely devastating and perfect for those sneaky SOBs who love a good up close-range kill.

Gravity Hammer - A beast both to wield and in terms of damage output, the Gravity Hammer is a one-way ticket to Killtown when used properly.

Honorable Mention:
The Needler - Fun, ridiculous, and wildly inconsistent in power depending on which game you’re playing, this weird alien weapon fires pink explosive crystals and runs the gamut from deadly to useless.

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