Behind The Bricc: The Batman Collection

BatmanTM. Do we need to say anything more? He’s one of the most legendary heroes in comics history and a cultural force like few others. So, yeah, obviously we were incredibly excited to partner for a collab ahead of the release of the incredible new movie, The Batman. We couldn’t wait to dive into Batman’s lore, explore the legendary rogues gallery of villains, and create soap concepts in conjunction with one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year. Ready for an inside look? Strap in, Gotham CityTM awaits.

The Theme: Justice, Vengeance & Soap
With a history and legacy as packed with lore as any around, plus the option to explore this all-new interpretation of the classic characters in the movie, Team Squatch had quite the challenge in front of them. Talking about the team’s initial inspiration, Dr. Squatch’s Partnerships Manager, Kiel says “We knew we wanted to create a two-bar concept highlighting both The Batman and his foe in the new movie, The RiddlerTM. But also we wanted to honor everything the characters stand for and include a fresh new themed experience for everyone.”

From there, the team developed the core aspects of the collection to reflect specific aspects highlighted in the film. They leaned into the darkness surrounding Bruce Wayne as he not only battles a sadistic new foe in The Riddler, but also as he grapples with his own internal conflict. With the Riddler bar, the team fully embraced the Riddler’s ethos and developed a unique riddle-based game in conjunction with a mystery scent that’s designed to both pay homage to the movie’s new take on one of Batman’s most infamous adversaries, and engage the customer in the same type of challenge that Batman faces in the movie.

Kiel continues, “We believe we really nailed the spirit of The Riddler with the hidden clues and gamification concept of the bar. It’s truly something nobody has done before and we’re super excited to see how Squatch Nation reacts as they dive into the mystery experience.”

Design & Ingredients: Bringing Gotham City To Your Shower
The unique ingredients featured in each and every Squatch bar play a critical role in the overall shower experience. The challenge our team faces is always how to thoughtfully incorporate combinations of natural, beneficial, and aesthetic ingredients that also tie into the collaborations’s themes in unique ways. With the Batman and Riddler briccs, our team wanted to create a transportive experience that feels like you’re experiencing the movie in real life every time you shower. “When developing the composition of the Batman and Ridders bars we utilized a unique selection of ingredients that provided benefits as well as had callbacks to Batman's lore on multiple levels, from the ingredient names, to the character’s looks, to their costumes and personalities.” says Product Development Specialist Greg Hall. “The Batman bar packs a powerful punch, featuring a unique blend of skin-conditioning Life-of-Man and Chase-Devil accompanied by exfoliating Bamboo Extract, while the Riddler’s bar features a mix of Goldenrod, Devil's Plaything, and skin-conditioning Felon's herb.” The team also pulled direct aesthetic inspiration for each bar from the film’s primary colors, with black and gray mimicking Batman’s suit while the Riddler’s bar utilizes an iconic shade of emerald green.

The Scents: Batsuits & Riddles
From a scent perspective, the fragrance team had double the challenge, needing to create unique scents for both a legendary masked vigilante and his nemesis, as well as making sure they both smelled amazing and felt true to the characters. Our Fragrance Development Manager Emma says, “For the Batman bricc we knew we wanted to use the Batmobile as a reference point and looked to create a masculine, leather-inspired scent with some dark spice and muskiness to it.” Talking about scent inspiration for the Riddler bricc, she says, “We then took it one step further with the Riddler bar’s scent and tied it into the unique gamification aspects of the bar and our video content. I won’t give away the scent details but we were really happy with how the scent turned out. It’s unlike anything we’ve done before and once people figure out the true scent, we think they are going to love how well it ties into the Riddler’s character.” So, the question remains, have you figured out the mystery scent yet? 

We can’t wait for everyone in Squatch Nation and the Batman fans everywhere to experience our latest heroic new bricc experience, the Dr. Squatch Batman Collection. Step into Batman’s boots and join the fight to cleanse the grime from Gotham City for yourself, the Riddler’s mystery awaits. 

Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a 6th & Idaho/Dylan Clark Productions Production, a Matt Reeves Film, “The Batman.”  The film opened in theatres internationally beginning 2 March and nationwide 4 March 2022; it’s distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

THE BATMAN and all related characters and elements © &™ DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s22)

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