6 Tools To Upgrade Your Grill Game

 Every good summer BBQ needs a few essential items: a proper playlist, a frosty stocked cooler, and someone who knows how to man the grill. Being the go-to barbecue guy comes with some perks…respect, fear, girls want you, and guys want to be you. Every grilling legend needs his tools and if you want to stake your claim to that crown, these are the tools and gear you need to take your grill game from jokin’ to SMOKIN’!

 Your Burger’s Best Friend
When done properly (good meat, proper seasoning) burgers are the absolute king of low effort, high return in grilling terms. You get all the credit with significantly less hassle and it makes grilling for a larger crowd much easier. While prepping the burgers is the dirty work, you’re better than those shoddy pre-formed patties from the megamart. Invest in some good meat and let an adjustable burger press do all the hard work. This handy device cuts your prep time down while giving you the ability to customize the size of your burgers quickly and easily. Simply select a size, place the ground meat of choice in the burger press and get to pressin’! All that’s left to do is crack a beer and get ready for the compliments.

The Meat Bibles
Whether you just invested in a nice Traeger rig or are looking to level up to something more than just backyard grilling, consider these books, Franklin Barbecue and Franklin Steak, your new bibles. Aaron Franklin of Franklin۪’s Barbecue fame started out like most of us, just a hobbyist smoking meat and feeding his friends on the weekend. Sure, his parents ran a barbecue stand in his native Texas where 'que is sacred, but it was their self-taught son who perfected his famous brisket through trial and error in his own backyard smoker. One James Beard Award later, his namesake joint is now one of the most famous barbecue spots in the nation and a must-visit for legendary ‘cue. These books are more than just a set of how-to-guides, they’re full-fledged manifestos that give you everything you need, from inspiration basic knowledge and tools, to start mastering the art of smoking meat and cooking steak.

The Path To GRATEness
If you’ve never considered upgrading the stock grill grates on your rig, it’s time. Swapping in an upgraded set of cast iron grates is just the hack you need to take your grilling to the next level. Just like that trusty cast iron pan in your kitchen, (you’ve got one of these absolute workhorses in your arsenal right?) cast iron grates are indispensable. They’re not only very durable and easy to clean but they retain heat incredibly well for better searing and more even cooking.

Get A Grip
Everything you put on the grill deserves some TLC, and even the most seasoned grilling dads sometimes forget that proper meat manipulation (get your mind out of the gutter) is a major key to successful grilling and presentation. That’s why a good set of tongs is the most underrated and overlooked tool in your toolbox. Stabbing a perfectly cooked piece of meat with a fork to get it off the grill is like scoring a date with a dime piece you met on Bumble and then trying to make out whilst wearing a sandpaper tuxedo. Hard no.Don’t ruin all of your carefully-managed grilling by using the wrong gear, invest in a proper set like the Weber Precision Tongs. They’re durable, spring-loaded for better grip and control, and well-priced.

Two Words: Bacon Rack
Yup, bacon is dope. It tastes very, very good. So why not bring this guest of honor to your next BBQ with The Bacon Rack? This MVPP (most valuable pork player) is exactly what its name implies, allowing you to grill up some beautiful brown slabs of bacon for your burgers (or literally anything else). All you gotta do is drape that meat candy on the stainless steel rack set it on the grill and let the fire take over. A drip pan captures excess grease so you don۪t burn off your eyebrows when the fat hits the fire.

Light It Up
Just because the sun went down doesn't mean the grill top has to also (post-bar grill sessions are VERY underrated). This scenario can be dicey territory but a handy LED grill light is a nighttime game-changer that incorporates high power LED lighting into a sturdy magnetic and adjustable set up.

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