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Weird Nature | Faking Death to Avoid Sex, Huge Whale Farts & More

Exploring nature’s greatest marvels, creatures, destinations, facts and phenomena.

Welcome to Weird Nature, where we share our favorite random and offbeat facts about Mother Earth. We’re all about inspiring guys to get the most of out of life; to explore, embrace nature and live without boundaries. 

Before you start your adventure in the great outdoors, read these 5 Weird Nature facts to make sure you’re prepared for what’s out there.  It’s a big world out there, and it can be just as weird and dirty-minded as you are. 

Men Aren't the Only Ones Hiding their Emotions. Plants Cry Silently, Too.

The next time you’re out on a hike enjoying a rare moment of silence, here’s a fun thing to keep in mind: it only seems like it’s peacefully quiet out there. But as you’re stomping around off-trail in your Timberlands, the plants and grass you’re stepping on are actually screaming in pain.

The Crazy Krzywy Forest

It looks like something straight out of an old Mario game, but this wacky forest, is a real place in Poland’s Krzywy Las Forest – it sounds almost as weird as it looks.

Scientists don’t know exactly why all the trees in this forest grow with an odd C-curve, but they think long-ago farmers bread them to have curves to make shipbuilding easier… Sounds legit.

What Monkey is Almost as Rare as a Sasquatch?

There are some pretty funky monkeys hiding out in the rain forests of Africa. Even though they’re the biggest species of monkey, Mandrills are shy and awkward. They bare their extra-long teeth as smiles and hide food in pouches in their mouths, like giant hamsters. 

Apparently, they’re also delicious and hunted regularly – which is why they are on the vulnerable list, aka one step away from the endangered list. Save the mandrill (and the Sasquatch)!

Next Time You Get Rejected, Remember that Male Dragonflies Have it Worse

You’ve probably had a woman walk away from you at the bar once or twice, or maybe even had a drink thrown in your face. But we doubt anyone’s ever faked their own death to avoid having sex with you…right?

That’s the everyday reality in the life of a male dragonfly. Females are known to freeze up mid-air before crashing to the ground in a dramatic display of fake dying to dismiss male advances.

A lesson on the importance of gently wooing women with your pheromones, delivered straight from the insects of your local pond. 

Whale Farts Put Yours to Shame

Ever wondered how the world’s largest animal passes gas?

Just go on a whale watching tour and look for the extra big bubbles. Just try not to breathe, since yes, it will not smell pleasant. It’s even been claimed that a full-sized horse could fit inside a blue whale’s fart bubble. 

Not a pretty picture, but good to know. 

Know Fun Facts About Nature?

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