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WTF are Antioxidants?

The grooming landscape is packed with a million buzzwords these days, and "antioxidants" is one that is definitely popping off right now. But what exactly are they, and why should you care?

To start, these powerhouse molecules play a significant role in keeping your skin healthy and resilient and are naturally-occurring in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, and can be found in ingredients like green tea. Here's how they work: your skin is constantly bombarded by pollution, UV rays, and stress, it's like being in a never-ending battle against invisible foes. Cue the entrance music and enter antioxidants – they're like your skin's loyal defenders, ready to combat the threats posed by what's known as free radicals.

But what exactly are free radicals? Think of them as invisible enemies generated by factors like sun exposure, environmental factors, pollution, and metabolic processes. To get all science nerd on you, at a microscopic level free radicals lack a stable body of electrons and it leads them to hunt down electrons from other molecules, damaging them in the process. This means that free radicals can target your skin cells damaging your cellular DNA in an attempt to steal electrons.

Left unchecked, they can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to premature aging and dull skin. In short, antioxidants step in to shut down free radicals like a championship-winning defense, preventing further damage and keeping your skin looking healthy and resilient. It's like armor against environmental stressors, while also helping to pump up collagen production, brightening your skin tone by removing impurities, and helping to fight off signs of aging and damage. 

But here's the kicker – antioxidants don't just work solo. They also team up with other ingredients to create a powerful partnership and can help reduce inflammation, assist in repair, and help soothe sensitive skin. Antioxidants can help provide the protection and nourishment your skin needs to stay in fighting shape.

So next time you see a product that highlights the power of antioxidants you’ll know they're the secret sauce that keeps your skin looking fresh, vibrant, and ready for action and deserve a place in your grooming routine.

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