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Does Your Scent Matter to Women?

The stimulation of your senses plays a vital role in your day to day life. From tasting your hot and bitter coffee in the morning, to listening to your favorite albums on the drive home, they provide a means of interpretation between the chaotic outside environment to your inner understanding of the world around you. One of these senses, the sense of smell, provides far more than allowing you to know when your food has gone sour, or when the baby’s diaper needs changing.

Most people have heard, one way or another, about the effects of pheromones when selecting your special someone, but many have no idea the extent to which your sense of smells affects your lives. Your sense of smell is one of the most primal of your senses. Scents are difficult to put words to and they occupy a totally different part of our brain. It gives you information in the most binary of means. This is good for you. This is bad for you. It works for foods, gases, chemicals, and yes, selecting someone special.

A comprehensive study by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. showed that different scents can not only affect people’s happiness, but also play a part in how stimulated or relaxed we may feel. Clementine, for example, has been shown to increase both arousal and happiness. Vanilla bean has powerful soothing affects. This is especially true among women, who are more likely than men to be stimulated by pleasant smells, and are quicker to react on pleasant smells, according to a study by Rice University and Modell Chemical Senses Center. Why do you think women always smell so nice? They are more receptive to smells and different smells influence them quicker and stronger. The differences between men and women do not stop there. In a study performed by Rachel Herz, world-renowned psychologist of scent, they found that, “women considered a man’s smell to more important than looks, voice or how his skin feels, when selecting a lover.” The study continues by explaining that women ranked smell as the top characteristic, behind pleasantness but above money and ambition, when choosing their potential mate. In contrast, men chose good looks as their top characteristic, behind pleasantness. Guys, your scent may be the most important thing to worry about these days if you have you can be pleasant. Offensive odors are a surefire means of losing the girl of your dreams.

What this all means men, is don’t let your natural body odor get in the way. It’s not cool or manly to smell like an old gym bag. Whether you’re using Cedar Citrus or Bay Rum, the natural essential oils and fragrances connect with women in a positive way. It’s not a chemically altered body bar. It’s not a secret weapon, or a foolproof scheme. But it will scientifically help your chances. Whether it’s a five year relationship, or you are starting something new, reach for a bar of Dr. Squatch Soap the next time you’re getting close to someone special.

Banner image: Labyrinth Couple 5, CC 2.0

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