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Squatch Pro Tips: How To Choose Your Scent

Are you a light guy? A musk man? A woodsy warrior? Finding the right scent can be a challenge, but we’ve got some handy tips to get you on the right scent path.


Understand Scent Categories
At a high level scents are classified generally into two main categories: “Heavier” and “Lighter”. Heavier scents generally include notes that are musky, woodsy, warm, or rich. Lighter scents generally include notes that are fresh, watery, citrusy, or green. It’s important to note that heavier scents and lighter scents don’t always translate into how “strong” they smell, how pronounced the scent will be, or how long it will linger. So just because you don’t want something bolder and longer-lasting doesn’t necessarily mean you should only think about lighter scents. In fact, sometimes “lighter” scents can be just a strong-smelling and long lasting, depending on what’s in them.

Think Seasonally
Just like your wardrobe, a great place to start in trying to figure out the right scent for you is to approach with a nod towards the seasons. You’re not wearing that peacoat in your closet during the dead of summer, so it would stand to reason that a dark, woodsy scent maybe isn’t the ideal choice for the warmer months. So if you live in a predominantly warmer climate or one that has a bunch of warm months, start with a lighter, less spicy scent during the hotter months. Conversely, the cooler months and evenings are a perfect time to try bolder, heavier scents that are longer-lasting. 

Date Around
Just like finding a solid S.O. trial and error is key, so don't be afraid to try lots of different scents. Every scent will interact with your body chemistry a bit differently and scents from different products, soap vs deo vs cologne, for example, can also interact a bit differently on your skin based on how they come in contact. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up different Squatch scents within the general categories for your very own custom remix.

Find Your Scent
Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s find you a signature Squatch scent or two.

If You Like: Rugged + Woodsy
Blend different woodsy scents for a harmonious musk.

Try: Birchwood Breeze Bricc + Deo, Gold Moss Bricc, Pine Tar Bricc + Deo

If You Like: Light + Fresh
Combine lighter, crisper scents together for a refreshing vibe.

Try: Fresh Falls Hair Bricc + Deo, Alpine Sage Bricc, Cool Fresh Aloe Bricc + Deo 

If You Like: Spicy + Rich
Lean into warm, spiced scents for a masculine feel.

Try: Bay Rum Bricc + Deo, Wood Barrel Bourbon Bricc + Deo

If Your Like: Energizing + Citrusy
Citrus-based scents are uplifting, fresh, and bright.

Try: Summer Citrus Bricc + Deo, Grapefruit IPA Bricc

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